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El Paso Radio Host Exchanges Words with Coach Tim Floyd

UTEP Head Basketball Coach Tim Floyd is not a fan of El Paso sports radio host Steve Kaplowitz. That became clear on Tuesday when Floyd spoke to reporters during his normal press conference.

After Kaplowitz asked his first question, Floyd responded by calling the radio host “uninformed” and “irresponsible”, and then handed out copies of a 17-page document containing data that showed UTEP’s high transfer rate during his tenure was comparable to the regular trends nationally in college basketball. Kaplowitz had been critical of UTEP’s struggles to retain players in recent years.

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The situation could have ended there, but Kaplowitz elected to respond, further annoying Floyd by mentioning that he had tried numerous times to reach out to the UTEP coach for comment, but never received a response.

That led to Floyd adding “I don’t respond to journalists that throw things against the wall to see what sticks. I’ve been around a lot of great journalists in Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, and in my opinion, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, so I don’t respond to that. People who know not, and do not know that they know not, are fools and you shun them. That’s what I’ve done with you.”

The verbal war reached its peak when Floyd told Kaplowitz he regretted going on his radio show 10 times as a favor to former UTEP coach Don Haskins. Another testy exchange soon followed.

Kaplowitz: That’s wrong and you’re classless for saying that in front of the media.

Floyd: I’m dead-ass right.

Kaplowitz: No, you’re not.

Floyd: Your show is fiction.

Kaplowitz: How about the pulse of El Paso? How about all the fans, all the season ticket holders that are upset, that they’ve been upset with the lack of results over the last six years, and they’re tired of not going to the postseason. They’re tired of not going to the NCAA Tournament. How about that?

Floyd: We were in the NIT a year ago.

Kaplowitz: Yeah that really means a lot to El Paso right now.

Floyd: Is that right?

Kaplowitz: Yeah.

Floyd: Well, we lost four starters, we didn’t quite get there this year.

Kaplowitz: So every year it’s gonna be the same thing, coach? Every year? Is that how it’s going to be?

Floyd: If you’re upset about us not winning games and you want me fired because of not winning games, that’s your prerogative.


Jason Barrett
Jason Barrett
Jason Barrett is the President and Founder of Barrett Media since the company was created in September 2015. Prior to its arrival, JB served as a sports radio programmer, launching brands such as 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, and 101 ESPN in St. Louis. He also spent time programming SportsTalk 950 in Philadelphia, 590 The Fan KFNS in St. Louis, and ESPN 1340/1390 in Poughkeepsie, NY. Jason also worked on-air and behind the scenes in local radio at 101.5 WPDH, WTBQ 1110AM, and WPYX 106.5. He also spent two years on the national stage, producing radio shows for ESPN Radio in Bristol, CT. Among them included the Dan Patrick Show, and GameNight.You can find JB on Twitter @SportsRadioPD. He's also reachable by email at [email protected].

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