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SI Podcast to Examine Steve McNair Shooting

Sports Illustrated is jumping on the true crime podcast train. Next week, SI, in association with the Cadence 13, will drop the debut episode of Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan. The podcast will examine the life and subsequent death of former Oilers, Titans, and Ravens quarterback Steve McNair.

McNair was a three time Pro Bowler and 2003 NFL MVP. He retired in 2008. He was killed by his mistress Jenni Kazimi just before she committed suicide in July of 2009.

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Sports Illustrated’s Tim Rohan will serve as the series’ host. He says that the murder, and the investigation that is still on-going is not a story that has ever come to an end.

The thing that appealed to me and my editors is that when we started looking at this story, we found that the matter of the Steve McNair murder was very much still alive. Not just with the friends and family of the victims, but there was even a private detective working this case, all these years later. When we began talking to people, we could tell immediately that there was a lot of emotion still surrounding the case — pain, frustration, a real need for answers. We felt these voices would really jump out at you through a podcast, even more than on the written page.

Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan will be told in 9 parts. The first one is available Wednesday, October 17.

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