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NHL Announces Official Betting Deal With MGM

The NHL is joining the NBA in going into business with MGM Resorts. The casino group was named the official gaming and resorts partner of the NHL at a press conference yesterday led by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

The NHL will provide proprietary information to MGM Resorts. That will include real time player and puck tracking data. The resorts will also get to use NHL logos on their boards. It is interesting to note that the deal is not exclusive. That would mean the NHL can shop the same package to other gaming organizations in the future.

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MGM Resorts promises it will use the information to create “new and innovative interactive fan engagement and betting opportunities” for gamblers. What those are is unknown right now, but the NHL will get to approve exactly what those gambling opportunities are. Full terms of the deal are yet to be released. What is known though, is that the NHL will not share in any profits MGM generates through hockey betting, and that the league will get to approve what can and cannot be bet on.

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