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DAZN Developing Show For YouTube, RSNs

DAZN is developing its first episodic series. It is no surprise that the show is going to be a reality series intended to hype a major fight. What is a surprise is that the show is going to be available to more than just DAZN subscribers.

The Journey: Canelo/Rocky will be a three part reality miniseries leading up to the first fight in the company’s 11-fight deal with Canelo Alvarez, which is valued at $365 million. Alvarez will defend his super middleweight title against Rocky Fielding on December 15 at Madison Square Garden.

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The series will not be unlike the reality series HBO and Showtime have produced in the past to hype their own major fights. The major difference here is that DAZN is hoarding The Journey: Canelo/Rocky for themselves. The first episode debuted on DAZN yesterday, but it will be made available via YouTube on Friday. It will also be available for syndication to regional sports networks.

That will make the series not only a commercial for the fight, but for the entire DAZN service as well. The second episode drops on December 13. The third and final episode will serve as an epilogue to the fight itself. It will not be available until December 21, nearly a week after Alvarez and Fielding face off.

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