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Stanley Cup Playoff Ratings Surge In Round One

According to Nielsen data, NBC has reason to be pleased with the performance of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The network issued a press release saying that viewership for round one reached a seven year high. Ratings reached a 25-year high for games that aired on a cable network.

Average viewership for round 1 games rose 1%. At 778,000 viewers per game, it is the third most watched first round since NBC Sports took over the NHL TV contract in 2006.

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The news is also good on the digital side. This is NBC Sports’ most streamed first round on record as well.

NBC as attributed the audience growth to a particularly exciting first round, which saw two improbable sweeps of the league’s best teams, three series go to a game seven, and ten games go into overtime.

Game seven of the series between the Carolina Hurricanes and defending Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals went to double overtime. That Hurricanes victory drew 1.75 million viewers, making it the most watched first round game on record.

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