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Seth Dunlap Plans To Sue Entercom Over WWL Tweet

An attorney representing WWL and New Orleans Saints studio host Seth Dunlap says her client plans to sue Entercom in the wake of being the subject of an offensive Tweet from the station’s official account.

The Tweet in question used a homophobic slur in response to a column Dunlap wrote for WWL’s website. Dunlap is gay and his lawyer says the offensive Tweet was just one example of a workplace that Entercom has allowed to be openly hostile to the LGBTQ+ community.

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Megan Kiefer is Dunlap’s lawyer. She released her full statement via New Orleans’ weekly alternative paper Gambit. In it, Kiefer says that she has learned that 14 people have access to password information for WWL’s social media accounts. She is demanding to see polygraph results or other information regarding Entercom’s investigation into the incident. She adds that Dunlap has taken a polygraph test himself and the results show he had no involvement in sending the Tweet that set off this firestorm.

“Due to the fact that this expansive Pennsylvania corporation has provided absolutely no evidentiary update to us or the media relative to the status of their investigation in over two weeks since this tweet, is concerning and, quite frankly, suspicious,” Kiefer writes.

For its part, Entercom has not officially apologized to Dunlap and has referred the mater to the New Orleans Police Department according to a Tweet from Ramon Antonio Vargas of The Advocate.

A reader asked Vargas why Entercom and WWL might involve law enforcement. Vargas speculated that it could indicate that Entercom believes the Tweet was the result of the WWL account being hacked.

If WWL and Entercom can prove that the account was hacked and the Tweet was sent from someone not employed by the company, it would make it harder for Dunlap and Kiefer to prove workplace discrimination based on this single incident. Kiefer mentions the “appalling history of discrimination Seth has experienced during his eight years at Entercom as an openly gay man,” in her statement. That seems to indicate that Dunlap’s complaint goes deeper than one Tweet.

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