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Jack Edwards Won’t Apologize For Hockey Karma Call

NESN’s voice of the Boston Bruins, Jack Edwards, came under fire on Thursday night when he called Roman Polak’s injury “hockey karma.” The Stars’ defensemen suffered a fractured sternum during the season opener against the Bruins. Polak’s goal was to check Bruins’ forward Chris Wagner in the back. Polak missed and crashed into the boards himself.

“I stand by my real-time call,” Edwards told Fluto Shinzawa of The Athletic. “Brick encapsulated it when he said was it was self-inflicted.”

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Brick is Edwards’s TV partner Andy Brickley, who was a little more careful in how he characterized Polak’s injury. Brickley said it was “self-inflicted” as Polak laid motionless on the ice. Edwards and Brickley were silent as Polak was carried off the ice.

Polak’s agent Allan Walsh is having none of it, and fired back strongly at Edwards on Twitter on Thursday, calling the NESN play-by-play man “truly a piece of shit and an absolute disgrace.” Shinzawa reached out to Walsh on Friday and was told the agent didn’t want to make further comments.

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