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Westwood One To Drop NBC Sports Radio At Month’s End

March 31 will be the last day Westwood One distributes programming from NBC Sports Radio. The company confirmed that in an email from Westwood One’s Vice President of Sports Affiliate Sales Rich Burg that went out to affiliates on Monday.

NBC Sports Radio content has been distributed by Westwood One since its launch in September of 2012. The network operated as a 24/7 feed from April of 2013 until November of 2018. Since that time, NBC Sports Radio has distributed the popular morning show Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio as well as the gambling-centric The Daily Line with Tim Murray and Michael Jenkins during the week. It also distributed The Best of Pro Football Talk and Safety Blitz with Rodney Harrison on the weekends. All four shows have been cancelled.

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The network also carried live, around-the-clock updates at the top and bottom of each hour. It had also been the home of national NHL radio broadcasts since 2016.

Earlier this year it was announced that Westwood One would begin distributing CBS Sports Radio. That network added Westwood One’s The Pat McAfee Show to its weekday lineup as part of the deal.

In his email, Burg asked affiliate stations to speak with Westwood One about what programming might be offered to fill the needs created by the dissolution of NBC Sports Radio.

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