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Ratings Drop, But Remain Strong For The Last Dance

If you were on social media Sunday night, you’re probably not surprised to hear ESPN’s The Last Dance continued to draw a large audience for the third straight week.

Episodes five and six of the highly anticipated Chicago Bulls’ documentary averaged 5.5 million viewers across ESPN and ESPN2 Sunday night, May 3. Through six episodes, the series has averaged a total of 5.8 million viewers, 62% more than ESPN’s second-highest rated documentary, You Don’t Know Bo. Episode five averaged 5.8 million viewers from 9 – 10pm ET, with episode six generating an audience of 5.2 million from 10 – 11pm ET, according to Nielsen. 

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Although The Last Dance continued to draw a large audience, the numbers did depict a slight drop off in viewership from its first two weeks. Week three was the first night The Last Dance didn’t see an episode average 6 million viewers or more. The series premiered with 6.3 million people tuning in for episode one and 5.8 million for the second episode. Episode three averaged 6.1 million viewers, with 5.7 million viewers for episode four.

For the third week in a row, The Last Dance was again one of the most prominent discussions on social media, generating 3.9 million interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although week three received the doc’s smallest linear audience so far, episodes five and six did see more social video views than the prior four episodes, reaching 8 million.

Three weeks in, it’s reasonable to anticipate The Last Dance will continue to enjoy successful viewership numbers for its remaining four episodes. With very few negative reviews, the product has proven to be great enough that people will be eager to keep tuning in.

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Brandon Contes is a former reporter for BSM, now working for Awful Announcing. You can find him on Twitter @BrandonContes or reach him by email at [email protected].

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