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WTOP Announces New Podcast Partnership With DC Crime Reporter Paul Wagner

Hubbard Broadcasting’s WTOP is getting into the true crime podcast market. The station announced November 9 it would be partnering with veteran crime journalist Paul Wagner for a project on a cold case about a hospital worker found dead in her office. The podcast will be called Murder in a Safe Place.

“The vicious rape and murder of Sherry Crandell more than two decades ago has mystified not only the police but her family as well,” said Wagner. “The police have DNA evidence and fingerprints – even a witness to the attack – but no suspect. In this podcast, we tell a story that, by the end, will have you thinking there may be a chance for justice after all…”

Wagner spoke to the victim’s kids, former coworkers and others for the podcast as Wagner tries to find a way forward for the unsolved case.

“Paul is a part of the WTOP family and we are so excited to partner with him on this project,” said Julia Ziegler, Director of News and Programming at WTOP. “This 22-year-old cold case is a horrific and baffling one that will have listeners asking questions. Our hope is that through the reach of this podcast, we can bring closure to this case and the Crandell family.”

The first episode of Murder in a Safe Place will be available January 13, 2021.

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