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Another Tom Brady Title Isn’t An Excuse To Be Lazy

Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl is no longer something that happens like clockwork, but at age 43 it still happens. And it has happened more often than we have seen anyone else win the game, so it is fair to call Tom and his victories our standard, a sort of sports talk measuring stick.

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Here we are, the morning after another Brady Super Bowl victory, this one with a brand new team, and I am here to implore you not to fall into a trap that is right there for lazy sports talk talent to fall into today. 

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Please be creative. Do not use Brady’s seventh Super Bowl victory as an excuse to have the GOAT conversation. It is the sports media’s most boring use of the airwaves, the topic that screams “I don’t want to try today!”.

We measure players in a lot of sports by how they perform on the biggest stage. There is something about a quarterback though that compels us to measure the position exclusively by how many titles the player there has produced. It is why we stopped asking “is Tom Brady really better than Joe Montana?” a long time ago and now just accept that he is as a foregone conclusion. And look, I’m not here to argue that isn’t the case. Seven Super Bowl titles and being named MVP of the game five times is plenty of evidence that it is indeed true. 

What I am asking today is that we not use another skin on Tom Brady’s wall as reason to dive into some of the tired, stupid conversations that I know a lot of you are thinking would make for great content today.

“If Super Bowls are what matter, then who had a better career – Trent Dilfer/Brad Johnson/Mark Rypien or Dan Marino?”

“Who is the NBA’s Tom Brady – MJ or LeBron?”

“What does this title do for Brady’s legacy now that he has a championship without Belichick?”

There are better conversations to be had today. The following are all free agents as of March: Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Godwin, Ndamukong Suh, Shaq Barrett, Leonard Fornette. How about asking if the Bucs are going to be able to sustain greatness or are we going to remember Super Bowl LV as a mercenary title and Brady’s career in Tampa as a sort of “one hit wonder”?

You want to tie this into the NBA? Okay, check out this Tweet from Mike Taylor of Ticket 760 in San Antonio.

Forget LeBron vs. MJ. You want to have a GOAT debate? How about Brady vs. MJ? Guess which one doesn’t have seven rings. Is Tom Brady at the point now where we have to start saying that he is more than just the greatest QB of all time? Do we need to seriously ask ourselves if he is the single greatest American athlete ever? I don’t think that’s true, but I also don’t think the premise is insane.

Those are just two jumping off points. I am not saying they are the specific routes you should be taking today. My point in bringing up those examples is that there is a lot of material that has not been beaten to death even when we are faced with the same situation the morning after the Super Bowl that we have been so many times before. 

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You earned your job on air or as a producer by showing your creativity. Maybe you are funny. Maybe you think differently or strategically. Today is a day to show that off. Everyone on every show across the country is talking about Tom Brady and Super Bowl LV today. Creativity and not just going with your first idea because it is easier than thinking of a second one is what will make your show stand out in an ocean of GOAT takes.

Demetri Ravanos
Demetri Ravanos
Demetri Ravanos is a columnist and features writer for Barrett Media. He is also the creator of The Sports Podcast Festival, and a previous host on the Chewing Clock and Media Noise podcasts. He occasionally fills in on stations across the Carolinas in addition to hosting Panthers and College Football podcasts. His radio resume includes stops at WAVH and WZEW in Mobile, AL, WBPT in Birmingham, AL and WBBB, WPTK and WDNC in Raleigh, NC.You can find him on Twitter @DemetriRavanos or reach him by email at [email protected].

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