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MSNBC Host Laughs at His TV Mishap, Blames the “Twisties”

Whether you’re a professional television host or an everyday worker, we’ve all made the mistake of thinking our shift is over. Over the weekend, MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart filled in for Tiffany Cross on her show “The Cross Connection.”

During the show, Capehart wrapped up an interview with actor-director Ruben Santiago-Hudson regarding Broadway’s planned return following the pandemic shutdown. 

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Capehart mistakenly tried to end his show a few minutes before it was over. He blamed the mishap on the “twisties,” a term used by Olympian Simone Biles to represent a dangerous circumstance when they lose command of their bodies. 

“That’s our show for today,” Capehart said while questioning himself while still on the air. “No, that is not our show for today. Is that our show for today?”

“That is our show for today,” the MSNBC host verified seconds later as Capehart handed off “The Saturday Show” to MSNBC’s Alex Witt for football news. Capehart went on Twitter and laughed at his blunder while wrapping up the show. 

Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo is the Assistant Content Editor for BNM, which includes writing daily news stories on the news media industry. He can be found on Twitter @eddierazo_ or you can reach him by email at [email protected].

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