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Ryen Russillo: Skip Bayless Tattled On Me To ESPN PR

While Ryen Russillo was hosting shows over at ESPN Radio, he got an unexpected call one day from a co-worker at ESPN about something he supposedly said.

On the latest episode of the Cinephile with Adnan Virk podcast, Russillo got into a time where Skip Bayless called up his show to complain about something and let’s just say Russillo wasn’t exactly fond of him then or now.

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“I remember there was one time where Skip Bayless got worked up about some b***s*** again. He thought I had said something about him during the radio show and I hadn’t even said anything about him either time. I say stuff about him now because I don’t like him. PR got involved and they are like the hotlines are flying off. I’m in a commercial break and somebody comes running in saying ‘what did you say about Skip Bayless?’”

“I don’t know, I just did two hours of radio. I haven’t even mentioned him once. ‘PR just called, they are freaking out, and it’s obviously because he got mad about something that wasn’t even accurate and told on me and then I had to be yelled at.’”

Now, the context of the Bayless comment came when Russillo was talking about David Roberts, the Senior Vice President of Production and head of NBA production at ESPN. Russillo mentioned he is a fan of Roberts because of the way he approached things with him: 

“The reason I love Dave is I can be like okay and a couple of times I agreed with him, a couple times I disagreed with him, but I knew we were cool. I knew we could talk to each other the way we needed to talk to each other to get the message across. I would say there are other times, and this is not specific to ESPN, that I used to kind of joke about ‘hey is the goal here to give me bad news later so I’m more pissed off?’. Dave Roberts was right in your face and honest about stuff, but I’d rather have that than someone who wasn’t telling me the truth.”

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