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Robert Griffin III: Calling Games Can Be Painful For Me

While Robert Griffin III has started a new career calling college football games as an analyst for ESPN, that has not stopped him from trying to continue his career as a quarterback in the NFL. 

The seven-year veteran was a guest this week on The Adam Schefter Podcast. The two of them did go back to 2013 and they cleared the air on things Schefter reported back then that Griffin wasn’t a fan of. Here is a clip from the episode where Schefter asks if RGIII would want to return to Washington if the opportunity was there.

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Even though Griffin is having fun calling games, that has not stopped him from continuing to prepare for a possible return to the NFL.

“I still want to play…I’m working out 11-12 at night, 1 o’clock in the morning after calling games during the day because really if it means something to you, you find the time to get the work in. Honestly, calling the games is fun because it’s something I never thought I’d get into,” said Griffin. 

During Week 2 of the college football season, Robert Griffin III was on the call with Mark Jones and Quint Kessenich and producer Kim Belton for Houston and Texas Tech. He admitted that while the ability to talk football comes naturally, it isn’t exactly easy for him.

“My second game, I was calling Houston-Texas Tech. I’m sitting there and I text  my wife and I said, man, I miss football so much to the point where you get a little emotional and it was during a break. My crew (Mark Jones, Quint Kessenich, Kim Belton), they are awesome. None of them know because I didn’t say anything. I started to tear up a little bit…It makes you miss the game. For me, it is a little bit different because I know I’m not retired yet. I miss the game because I know I can still play and I want to still play.”

Robert Griffin III mentioned that ESPN does understand he still wants to play and when he auditioned for ESPN and FOX, he did not expect much to come from it other than trying something else to give him more opportunities while he is not playing football. However, after the audition, he realized he had a chance to be good at this.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I’ve definitely loved the experience and those guys have been phenomenal. I try to go around and give them all a fist bump before and after the games because the better we are at vibing together, the better it all comes.” 

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