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Charles Barkley Asks Dan Patrick To Broadcast From His Backyard

A truly dedicated P1 listener will do anything to be a part of their favorite radio show. They also tend to have long memories. Charles Barkley must be one of the most loyal P1s in Dan Patrick’s audience, because on Friday’s edition of the Dan Patrick Show, he held the former SportsCenter host’s feet to the fire over a promise made decades ago.

“Dan when are you gonna do the show from my house?” Barkley demanded. “You’ve been saying that for 30 years.”

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While Charles Barkley will always give a great performance when he is on camera or on the radio, he tends to be fairly off the radar in his private life. He told Patrick that is something he is willing to change for one day only.

“Hey, I’ve never had cameras in my house. It’s my private sanctuary, but when they had the Super Bowl out here a few years ago, we talked about doing it in my backyard.”

Dan Patrick joked that he was worried the house was too small. Barkley immediately shot back with his home’s real estate listing: 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a guest house, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a driving range.

Barkley even knows exactly where Dan and the Danettes would be set up.

“I’ll tell you what. We’ll set it up on my tennis court. I’ll bring all the refreshments. We’ll get drunk as hell and do great TV!”

The Super Bowl returns to Arizona after the 2022 NFL regular season. Patrick suggested that may be an ideal time. Barkley agreed, saying that he would foot the bill to get the crew there.

“We can do one of the shows. Dan, come on! I’m not leaving all this money for my freeloading ass family.”

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