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Mina Kimes Continues Smacking Down “Didn’t Play the Game” Aspersions

In his latest column for Barrett Sports Media, Danny O’Neil wrote about the recent controversy involving Mina Kimes and former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia. In particular, O’Neil wrote about opinions being dismissed from someone who didn’t play professional football. And there was added subtext in criticizing Kimes.

“That never-played-the-game criticism hits differently when it is applied to women because, in the case of professional football, it disqualifies all women outright,” he said.

Kimes surely faces that prejudice frequently and on Friday, she responded to someone supporting Garcia who recycled that take to attack the ESPN analyst’ saying the Cincinnati Bengals’ gameplan against the Kansas City Chiefs was conservative.

The tweet was eventually deleted, but here’s a screenshot:

Right away, it’s a hostile approach. He calls Garcia’s criticism “fair” before asking Kimes “how do you get away with” her opinion on the Bengals’ gameplan. Yes, Cincinnati defeated the Chiefs and will play in Super Bowl LVI. But that doesn’t mean Kimes’s analysis was incorrect, which she explained — with evidence.

The harassing tweet was deleted, but not before Kimes got the last word with one last dig at her critic.

“Watch the games!” Ouch. Maybe it was intended as a playful elbow, considering Kimes’s use of the “hug” emoji. But maybe not, since the guy was such a jerk in his approach.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t be the last time Kimes faces that kind of hostility or dismissal of her analysis. It might not have even been the last time she dealt with a message like that on Friday! But with facts, statistics, and a calm demeanor — with a little poke in there to take a guy down a notch — Kimes continues to win.

Ian Casselberry
Ian Casselberry
Ian Casselberry is a sports media columnist for BSM. He has previously written and edited for Awful Announcing, The Comeback, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, MLive, Bleacher Report, and SB Nation. You can find him on Twitter @iancass or reach him by email at


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