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Chris Hayes: Elon Musk Buying Twitter Was ‘Ideological Purchase’

It’s been a few weeks since Elon Musk officially took over Twitter and there’s been of reaction on where the platform is heading as 2023 approaches. Nonetheless, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shared the real reason why the Tesla CEO wanted to buy the social media outlet.

Hayes appeared on “Late Night with Seth Myers on Tuesday, stating that Musk’s decision to buy Twitter this year was an “impulsive purchase.”

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“It’s been pretty disastrous,” Hayes told Myers. “I think the thing that has been clarifying for me, first of all, it felt a little bit like an impulse purchase.

“Like, he was at the cash register and there was, like, a $44 billion social media company, so that was weird that it was the most expensive impulse purchase of all time.”

Hayes continued by saying he acknowledged the impulsiveness of the decision to buy Twitter; the MSNBC host noted that Musk bought the platform due to an “ideological” one.

“It wasn’t about the business and it was an impulse purchase,” Hayes said. “It was an ideological purchase, and as long as there have been rich people and as long as there have been rich people and capitalism plus a free press, there have been rich people who buy media outlets for ideological purposes. This is a story as old as time.”

Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo is the Assistant Content Editor for BNM, which includes writing daily news stories on the news media industry. He can be found on Twitter @eddierazo_ or you can reach him by email at [email protected].

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