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Media Intrigue at the Vatican

As faithful Catholics across the world continue to mourn the loss of their devoted steward, Pope Benedict XVI, some in the media are bracing for a tumultuous time for the worldwide Church.

But are these concerns unfounded; more conspiracy theory than fact?

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Radio host Glenn Beck discussed this speculation on his program recently, in addition to sharing some personal encounters that, if his context proves true, could illuminate the near-term future for Catholics across the world.

“Let me start at Christmas,” Beck began last week. “Pope Francis made a dire warning to the Curia, the Cardinals and everybody else in the Vatican, warning them to be ever vigilant of demons lurking in the Vatican. Now this was part of his Christmas address which, apparently, he has turned into an annual airing of grievances.”

Beck, a Morman himself, has never held back when discussing matters of religious liberty or denominational fallibility.

“He said we can easily fall into the temptation of thinking we’re safe, better than others, no longer in the need of conversion. But there is an elegant demon, who does not make a loud entrance, but comes with flowers in his hand,” Beck said, quoting Pope Francis. “So he says this elegant demon is now lurking among the Vatican staff.”

Beck wondered aloud if the pope was simply urging followers to be ever-vigilant, now and always. He also shared what he feels might be the catalyst for the comments.

“Pope Benedict, who just died, his longtime personal secretary, has written a tell-all book that his publisher promised would tell the truth about dark maneuvers, mysteries and scandals that sullied the reputation of Pope Benedict. Dark maneuvers, hmm.” Beck said. “This is a guy who stood by Benedict for three decades.”

Beck was referring to Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, who’s memoir “Nothing but the Truth: My Life Beside Pope Benedict XVI” is expected to be published later this month. 

The host thought back to Pope Benedict’s unexpected resignation in 2013, which was the first such occurrence in 600 years.

“It’s extraordinarily odd, and the story has been that he fell and, you know, he was like, I don’t think I can do this job any more. And that may be true,” Beck opined. “But, was there anything else that was going on? This book is promising to say, yeah, there were some dark maneuvers going on.”

Beck then transitioned to a personal story, recalling his last visit to the Vatican nearly a decade ago, while Benedict, formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was still pope. He says he remembers being in an enormous “two-story ballroom from 1000 years ago” with many cardinals, the night before their appointments. He said on one wall of the massive room hung a gigantic map of the world.  Beck then recounted a conversation with his guide, who told him why so many traditional cardinals were being appointed at that time.

“He said, you know why this is happening, and he meant why so many Cardinals were being called. And I said, no. And he said, there’s a war inside the Vatican. And he said, I believe it’s a war between good and evil. He said, but there is a real war. Because there are many political aspects. And basically what he described to me was deep state. There was the deep state of the Vatican that was going to do – it didn’t matter what a pope even thought. And he alluded to the fact that Ratzinger knew this,” Beck said, alluding to the duplicitous, covert actions at the highest levels of American government in recent years.

Beck drew the analogy to former President Trump, who by strengthening the United States Supreme Court with three constructionists, established a protective wall against the progressive, socialist wave facing America.

“So he said, he’s stacking the deck, he’s trying to make sure that after he’s gone, there’s enough to hold back the onslaught. And he said it’s real evil.” 

Beck recalled that amidst this large gathering of cardinals, into the ballroom walked a specific cardinal, followed by a throng of politicians. 

“The room got chilly, because I just felt this is not a good guy. When he came in, it was like you could feel it, Beck remembered. “This was the spookiest guy I’ve ever met. I don’t remember the conversation. I just remember thinking, I want to stop talking to him and go way away from him. There is a war, and I don’t think, I’m not saying this to bash the Catholics or have you question your faith if you’re a Catholic, or anything like that. Pray for the people who are in leadership positions. What’s happening in Washington is happening in all of our churches. Evil has taken a foothold, and there are good guys inside fighting.”

Beck also said there is additional speculation related to Benedict and Our Lady of Fatima’s Three Secrets from 1917. Beck said it has been theorized that Benedict told confidants that the third Secret has not been released in its entirety, because it “talks about a bad council, and a bad mass, and evil at the top and highest levels of the church. And that’s the warning that was given to them, in like 1910. And it leads to the end of days.”

“I find it interesting that the current pope is talking about evil, the last pope is talking about evil. But I think they’re kind of pointing at each other a little,” Beck noted. “I don’t think they’re on the same side. I think they’re both using evil but I think they’re not talking about the same evil. And aren’t fighting the same evil.”

Ratzinger, who died on December 31 at age 95, was occasionally referred to as “God’s Rottweiler,” due to his ferocious adherence to Catholic church doctrine and historical tradition. Meanwhile, many Catholics and theologians have bristled with concern in recent years, with Pope Francis arguably shepherding the flock in the opposite direction. 

“This book is saying, there were internal things going on, that I can tell you, when he was the pope, I heard at the Vatican,” Beck summarized. “That he was fighting real evil and there was a battle inside. It was like the deep state.”

Rick Schultz
Rick Schultz
Rick Schultz is a former Sports Director for WFUV Radio at Fordham University. He has coached and mentored hundreds of Sports Broadcasting students at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Marist College and privately. His media career experiences include working for the Hudson Valley Renegades, Army Sports at West Point, The Norwich Navigators, 1340/1390 ESPN Radio in Poughkeepsie, NY, Time Warner Cable TV, Scorephone NY, Metro Networks, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, Cumulus Media, Pamal Broadcasting and WATR. He has also authored a number of books including "A Renegade Championship Summer" and "Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues". To get in touch, find him on Twitter @RickSchultzNY.

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