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Guy Benson Credits Peter Doocy For ‘Baiting The President Into Making News’

During a contentious exchange yesterday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Biden a stern question about his handling of classified documents. The President responded that the documents were in a locked garage with his Corvette, which led many to further question the President. Radio host and Fox News contributor Guy Benson believes Doocy deserves accolades for pushing the President to make that response.

“I want to give some credit to our colleague Peter Doocy who very cleverly I think baited the President into making the news that he did because it was a brick wall at the press briefing today,” Benson told Fox News host Bret Baier during Special Report.

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“Biden had a card in front of him with a prepared statement to read. And he started to read it. He got about a syllable in, but that word ‘Corvette’ — clearly — was like an earworm in his brain that Peter had sort of set the question up that way and he couldn’t resist commenting on it.

“Then he made the news saying, ‘Oh yeah, it’s in a locked garage with my Corvette. It’s not like it was out on the street.’ Which is nowhere close to the standard of what the law mandates when it comes to classified material material.”

Benson added the comment from Biden might have been the catalyst for “somebody in the White House…to punch a wall somewhere”.

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