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Dave Ramsey Hosting Livestream on Labor Crisis For Business Leaders

With fears of a recession looming, amid other economic uncertainties, radio host Dave Ramsey is scheduled to host a live stream for business leaders on how to approach the headaches.

“America’s Labor Crisis Live: The Real Reason People Are Giving Up On Work” will feature Ramsey, Dirty Jobs television host Mike Rowe, and five other leaders to answer questions and offer advice to those dealing with issues in the job market.

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“We have a labor crisis in America today, and it’s impacting small business like never before,” said Dave Ramsey. “There is such a shortage of motivated, quality team members that small businesses are struggling to get their work done. We need to have an open and honest discussion about all of this.”

The live stream will discuss current trends in the workplace, how to find and hire the right people, and how to be a business employees want to work for.

“Until very recently, it’s been impossible to prove that work ethic in America is on the ropes,” said Mike Rowe. “Today though, the evidence is everywhere, and the evidence demands a verdict. More to the point, it demands a solution.

“Our declining work ethic is directly related to the widening skills gap, the spiraling cost of a four-year degree, 11 million unfilled jobs, and a long list of stigmas and stereotypes that have discouraged an entire generation from exploring a career in the skilled trades. Whatever the solution might be, it starts with conversations like this one; it’s a conversation I’m honored to participate in.”

The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 4th at 8:00 PM ET, and you can register for free by clicking here.

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