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Dan Abrams: Why Won’t MSNBC Admit to Sidlining Muslim Hosts?

MSNBC recently denied a report that it had sidelined three Muslim hosts from their anchor positions due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Mehdi Hasan had his Thursday show unexpectedly canceled. Meanwhile, Ayman Mohyeldin and Ali Velshi were pulled from their hosting duties, and Dan Abrams is wondering why.

Dan Abrams criticized MSNBC for mishandling internal controversies surrounding hosts’ coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. Furthermore, the NewsNation host took shots at Hasan and Mohyeldin for their past coverage of the ongoing conflict.

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Nonetheless, Abrams said that the cable news channel cannot come and admit they have sidelined the three reporters because of the backlash they’d face. 

“The bigger problem, from my perspective, is that MSNBC can’t and won’t admit that they’ve sidelined these guys because their left-wing audience would go berserk,” Abrams said on Monday. “The others in the left-wing media would again make it about their religion rather than their words.”

Abrams clarified that his criticism isn’t personal toward the hosts and doesn’t believe Hasan should lose his job, but states that the network shouldn’t be “surprised by what he’s saying about this conflict?”

Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo is the Assistant Content Editor for BNM, which includes writing daily news stories on the news media industry. He can be found on Twitter @eddierazo_ or you can reach him by email at [email protected].

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