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Stephanie Miller: ‘I’m So Sick of Everybody Injecting Their One Issue Into Anything in the News’

Over the weekend, actor Matthew Perry died after he was unresponsive in his hot tub. While authorities have not yet listed an official cause of death, it didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to blame the COVID-19 vaccine. Stephanie Miller didn’t want to hear about it.

During the pandemic, Perry, like many celebrities, encouraged people to get vaccinated. As a result, the vaccine talk is now a topic of discussion surrounding his death. 

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Nonetheless, Miller slammed those who attempt to integrate their one key issue into every news topic, from Perry’s death to the recent mass shooting in Maine.

“I’m so sick of everybody injecting their one issue into anything in the news,” Miller said on Monday’s Stephanie Miller’s Happy Hour Podcast.” 

“And, of course, the anti-vaxxers were all over this. ‘Oh, it’s because [Perry] had the vaccine.’ You’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ Someone with a known lifelong struggle with addiction that he talked very openly about to help other people.”

Furthermore, Miller noted that while discussing mass shootings with Fred Guttenberg, she stated that someone tweeted at her saying, “Oh, you want us to have empathy for you? You don’t care about the 2,000 dead Palestinian children.”

Miller replied, confused and frustrated, since their discussion wasn’t about the Middle East. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God. What?’ He didn’t say anything about the Middle East, right?”

Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo is the Assistant Content Editor for BNM, which includes writing daily news stories on the news media industry. He can be found on Twitter @eddierazo_ or you can reach him by email at [email protected].

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