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Jesse Kelly Believes The Liberal Media Has Gone Too Far

There’s no denying a split along partisan lines in media coverage, especially when it comes to former President Donald Trump. However, Jesse Kelly can’t sit idly by and allow what he views as asinine opinions by the likes of commentators like Rachel Maddow.

“The conclusion that we can arrive at now based on what they have done, without having to wait for the ruling, is that they are ensuring that Trump will not face trial. And when they inevitably rule that presidents aren’t immune from prosecutions after they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump – if by then he is president – is that he can never leave the office of the presidency. And if he is voted out in 2028, he cannot leave office. And he is welcome to commit any crimes he wants to as long as he is still president, in order to ignore the results of that election and stay in power for life.”

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The words of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last week, after the United States Supreme Court announced it would take up Donald Trump’s presidential immunity claim.

“These people are crazy,” Megyn Kelly responded, after playing the clip on her Friday program

“Megyn, the communists are really, really, really good at creating idols,” guest and talk show host, Jesse Kelly, added. “And I’ve found this fascinating over the past few years, once I’ve figured out what they do and watched them do it. And not just idols you should worship, but also idols you should throw tomatoes at.”

Jesse Kelly mentioned other aspects of American life where Democrats have taken a popular cultural figure or issue and conditioned citizens to worship and idolize the subject. Simple and effective attitudinal conditioning.

“They do it with Ukraine now. Defend democracy. Don’t you care about democracy?” he said. “And they do the same thing with idols they want you to throw tomatoes at. And Donald Trump is the best example of this of my lifetime. Donald Trump is a fairly moderate Republican. Definitely more of a pragmatic dealmaker type. People forget how many deals he tried to strike with Democrats and Republicans when he first got elected. He was on board for an amnesty deal. People forget that. Oh yeah sure, let’s get a deal done. He’s fairly middle of the road. But they have, in their minds, convinced themselves that this is Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, everyone rolled up into one.”

As many broadcasters have noted, this is how Democrats and their media have convinced their willing, and even some unsuspecting, masses to do what was previously unthinkable to oppose Trump.

“He’s this gigantic fascist demon and they really, really believe it at this point in time, Megyn. It’s why they sound so insane with their rhetoric,” Kelly surmised. “It’s why they’ve done everything they can possibly do to destroy him, and they justify it in their minds. How can you use your position as special counsel, as a D.A., how can you use that to go after the president? It looks bad. Well, I try to explain to people on the right who don’t get this. What would you do if you could take out Adolf Hitler? And they laugh and they mock, they’re like oh he’s not Adolf Hitler. Yes, I know he’s not Adolf Hitler. But in their minds he is.”

The People’s Pundit, Richard Baris, has often shared his opinion on what he considers to be a favorite tactic of liberals – to create such a terrible boogeyman persona of Trump in hopes that it can drive some from the fringe elements of society to commit heinous acts. 

As Jesse Kelly has often said on his own program, this bedrock belief among the American Left has pushed them to redefine societal norms of basic right and wrong.

“It’s what they do, Megyn. These people believe that anything and everything is permissible to take out Donald Trump because he’s some unique threat to the country. It’s wild to be on the outside of that psychosis looking in,  but that’s what we’re looking at,” Jesse Kelly said.

“I think it was pretty clear last time around, Jesse. I lived it, you did too. Trump did not want to leave then. Trump was convinced he had not lost and was holding on with all dear might,” said Megyn Kelly, who has famously been critical toward Trump in the past. “But what did he do? He left. He did not stay in office.”

Megyn Kelly went on to detail the myriad of politically-motivated lawfare from Democrats, in their last-ditch effort to derail Mr. Trump before he is elected again by American citizens. In her mind, the political prosecutions now have very little chance of succeeding. And the fact that voters now look increasingly excited and motivated to choose Trump again is throwing the Left into a manic frenzy. 

“It’s wild to watch them,” Jesse Kelly added. “And you know what makes me angry about this is, Rachel Maddow, who I don’t know and don’t care for, I at least can acknowledge is an intelligent, talented human being. I’ve seen talent when I see Rachel Maddow. You know, she’s not Don Lemon. She has ability. She has talent to do it.”

“I agree with you,” Megyn Kelly chimed in.

“Rachel Maddow very likely knows that everything she says every single night is a bunch of crap. But her insane Democrat, communist base doesn’t. And so every night she creates a world of make-believe for them intentionally. And honestly, Megyn, it’s cruel,” Jesse said. “Like if I went home every night and, let’s say my kids were small. They’re teenagers now so this wouldn’t work. But if I had little kids, four and five years old, and if I told them if they venture outside that monsters would eat them in the backyard. And I told them that over and over and over again, so eventually they lived in this world of make-believe in their minds. Wouldn’t that be cruel to do? I think that would be a really cruel thing to do.”  

Many objective media personalities have pointed out that this extreme element of liberal media has made it their business to influence the masses to think horrible things – and do even worse things – to forward their radical political causes.

“That’s what these dirtballs on TV do all the time, and Democrat politicians do all the time. She knows that’s a bunch of crap,” Jesse Kelly concluded, regarding Maddow’s statement. “She knows everything she’s saying is a lie there. But the psychopath Democrat, the mentally ill single woman at home on fifteen anti-anxiety medications sits there and looks at all her cats and says, oh my gosh Trump’s never gonna leave! She believes it!”

Rick Schultz
Rick Schultz
Rick Schultz is a former Sports Director for WFUV Radio at Fordham University. He has coached and mentored hundreds of Sports Broadcasting students at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Marist College and privately. His media career experiences include working for the Hudson Valley Renegades, Army Sports at West Point, The Norwich Navigators, 1340/1390 ESPN Radio in Poughkeepsie, NY, Time Warner Cable TV, Scorephone NY, Metro Networks, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, Cumulus Media, Pamal Broadcasting and WATR. He has also authored a number of books including "A Renegade Championship Summer" and "Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues". To get in touch, find him on Twitter @RickSchultzNY.

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