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The Power Trip Broadcasts Live From London

The KFAN morning show, The Power Trip, hosted their show Friday from London as the Minnesota Vikings prepare to face the New Orleans Saints in the United Kingdom’s capital city.

“G’day mates!” is how the show began, before saying they were broadcasting next to the “River Tims”. They were then corrected on the air for the correct pronunciation of Thames.

The cast of the show mentioned they were having trouble connecting to the internet to remain on the air, even joking that they asked patrons to turn the wifi off on their phones to help the problem before the show began.

They also joked that since it was 11:30 AM local time, 5:30 AM Central back in Minneapolis, it was permissible to already be drinking a Guinness draught beer.

A large contingent of Vikings fans were in attendance at The Barrowboy & Banker Bar near the Tower of London and London Bridge.

Vikings legend Cris Carter also made an appearance of the estimated 250 fans in attendance.

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