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Blaze Media Announces New Arrivals, Exit of Steven Crowder

Blaze Media announced Thursday the addition of three new shows debuting in 2023. The network also announced the departure of Steven Crowder.

The “Louder with Crowder” host joined Blaze TV when the network merged with CRTV in 2018. CRTV was an online subscription network that Conservative Review owned. According to Axios, as of 2020, Blaze TV had approximately 450,000 paid subscribers. 

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In an email blast, the network announced the addition of Alex Stein, Auron MacIntyre, and Lauren Chen. Blaze Media also said Crowder’s content would no longer be found on the website, but that past shows could be found in the archives. 

“Alex Stein is coming soon to BlazeTV and will take you on an unscripted roller coaster ride that mocks political correctness and takes on the liberal world order with courage and humor,” the email read. “Prime Time with Alex Stein” will leave you in stitches.

Stein, aka Prime Time 99, became a viral sensation antagonizing Antifa, ridiculing school boards, and questioning city councils about gender reassignment surgery. 

MacIntyre is described as an original commentator with a thought-provoking perspective. 

“You won’t find anywhere else,” Blaze said. “So, if you’re tired of the same old talking points and want to enjoy a show that’s clinically proven to raise your IQ, you’re going to love Auron MacIntyre.”

“Longtime fans of BlazeTV will be thrilled to learn that Lauren Chen is returning to the platform later this year,” the network said.

“Lauren Chen is known for her sharp analysis of politics and culture — and with both politics and culture going off the rails in recent years, her insights and commentary are needed now more than ever. We are thrilled to welcome Lauren back to BlazeTV, and we can’t wait to start sharing her wit and wisdom with you.” 

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