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Dan Le Batard: Bud Grant Responsible For Favorite Memory of Our Show

The Dan Le Batard Show has always prioritized talking to people that are interesting over the biggest names in sports. That is how Dan, Stugotz, and crew became friends with Bud Grant. The former Vikings coach died last week. The show opened on Monday with a tribute to him.

“Very few have said football the way this guy says football,” Le Batard said as he remembered images of Grant standing on a frozen field in Minnesota in a short sleeve t-shirt.

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Grant’s appearances on the show were tied to his annual garage sale. The former Vikings coach was notorious for the event, which had strict rules, and sold everything from guns to team artifacts.

“One of my favorite memories on this show and at ESPN is me myself, being too scared to ask the legendary drill sergeant coach how he wipes – sitting or standing – and Stugotz just rushed right into the breach,” Dan Le Batard remembers. “Stugotz just rushed in unintimidated and asked Bud Grant the pressing question of when you wipe, do you wipe standing or sitting.”

The show then played audio of the exchange which included a very vivid answer from Grant.

“I was scared and I really was soothed by Stugotz rushing into breach and saying ‘I’ve got this, Dan!’” he added.

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