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Ronnie & TKras: Tom Brady is Going To Pass Up ‘$300 Million Retirement Job’

Earlier this week, Andrew Marchand got the sports media world’s attention when he said that he is hearing that Tom Brady is getting cold feet about beginning a broadcasting career with FOX. The future Hall of Fame just completed a three-year run in Tampa Bay with the Buccaneers. Over on WDAE, Ronnie & TKras said Thursday that if Brady has cold feet about broadcasting, then maybe their hometown team won’t be where his playing days end.

“That is crazy stuff to back away from a $300 million deal with Fox,” Ronnie Lane said. “That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

“That gig is not supposed to start until next year, 2024,” Tom Krasniqi answered. “I’ll tell you why he might back out – football! Football is still on his mind.”

Marchand said that he has heard Tom Brady is leaning “51/49” towards not joining FOX. The deal he signed with the network was announced before the start of last season. Following his retirement announcement earlier this year, Brady said that he would take a year away from the sport entirely before showing up on TV. His duties with FOX are supposed to include serving as color analyst on the network’s top game each week and serving as an ambassador for the FOX Sports brand.

Brady has three kids. Two of them live in Miami with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. His parents live in Northern California. With both the Dolphins and 49ers facing uncertain quarterbacking situations headed into the 2023 season, Krasniqi says you cannot rule out the idea that Brady may think it makes more sense to keep playing.

“He’s had every opportunity to say ‘No, nope, I’m retired. I’m not doing that anymore,’ and he hasn’t done it.”

The WDAE afternoon show is far from the first ones to point this out. Albert Breer, Colin Cowherd, and Phil Simms have all been on the record saying they do not believe we will ever see Tom Brady calling games on FOX.

Ronnie Lane says he was confident that Brady’s playing days were over. Now, he has second thoughts. It doesn’t mean that he understands why Brady would make that decision though.

“I know you’re loaded, but who backs away from a $300 million retirement job? I mean, that’s basically what it is.”

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