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Nick Kayal: What Does Brian Stelter Know About Running a News Outlet?

Reporting from Variety yesterday claimed a CNN executive reached out to former network host Brian Stelter on how to handle the ongoing turmoil of Chris Licht’s tenure. 1210 WPHT morning host Nick Kayal questioned why Stelter would be on the list of people you’d ask for advice.

During Kayal and Company Wednesday, the Philadelphia host read through some of the revelations made from the Variety report, before noting how — in his opinion — bizarre it was to ask for Stelter’s opinion.

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“Remember our resident fact-checker who tried to tell you what was right and wrong throughout society for many years, Brian Stelter? Now unemployed Brian Stelter. Days before Licht’s firing a top executive sought the advice of Brian Stelter,” said Kayal. “That would be the equivalent of (1210 WPHT Program Director) Greg Stocker firing me for whatever reason, and getting ready to go through a major ownership change, and Stocker reaching out to me for advice.

“Why would you do that? What exactly does Brian Stelter know about running a major media news operation like CNN? If you want to call them a major media news operation.”

Stelter was dismissed by CNN after Licht’s appointment as President and CEO of the network. He had previously hosted a Sunday show — Reliable Sources — that covered the media.

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