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Marks & Reese Connect Bryce Harper to Fan That Inspired Tuesday Home Run

It’s been a whirlwind last two days for 94WIP caller Chuck in Mt. Airy. He served as inspiration for Phillies star Bryce Harper, who hit his 300th career home run earlier this week.

Harper said as much in his post-game press conference on Tuesday, and Chuck was over the moon when he caught word of the shout out. On Thursday, Chuck and Bryce had a moment to talk to one another.

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This was thanks to Jon Marks and Ike Reese, who interviewed Harper Thursday. Marks did say that Harper did manage to set an unfortunate precedent though.

“Now every caller wants dedicated home runs. It’s a national story,” Marks said. “Chuck’s been on TV and radio for the last two days straight. This is what you’ve created with our show and the station, Bryce, thank you.”

Chuck added his thanks to Harper too because he’s made his week, month and year and then some.

“It’s been a great last couple of days and next to my kids being born, this has been the greatest moment of my life,” Chuck said. “So I appreciate you and I thank you for being a great Phillie, for coming on here listening to us, and shouting me out, out of the blue, for real.”

Harper, who admitted he is a regular WIP listener, said the feeling he has for Phillies fans and Philadelphia sports fans in general is mutual.

“We’re all a family. You guys pull for us, we pull for everybody,” Harper said. “I appreciate you so much and thanks for the words, thanks for being kind. I really appreciate that, thank you.”

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