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Dan Patrick: College GameDay ‘Lost a Big Member’ in David Pollack

The College GameDay desk on ESPN is looking a little different these days without David Pollack. The analyst was laid off by the network earlier this summer.

Pollack has since moved on to coaching high school football in Georgia and is not working in television currently. Dan Patrick, on Friday, asked David if the reality of no longer being on GameDay had sunk in.

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“Football season being here, Dan, I’m coaching high school football which is so cool man,” Pollack said Friday on The Dan Patrick Show. “And football’s in the air. It’s just fun to have football back, but nah it’s definitely a change of pace and a change of lifestyle.”

Dan said it was tough to see Pollack leave. David was a fan favorite and Patrick felt like he brought a lot to the table.

College GameDay lost a big member there with you because you brought energy there,” he said. “It’s gonna be tough. Every fall you get that feeling – and you did this as a player – where your body tells you it’s time to football. Your body’s gonna tell you, it’s time to do College GameDay. It’s time to get on the road, it’s time to do what you would do for five or six months out of the year.”

Pollack said when he suffered a career-ending injury playing in the NFL in 2006 his football life changed, and he was thankful to have gotten the opportunity to channel his energy into something different. He’s just in a different chapter now.

“Football will never leave my life,” he said. “It has been one of the biggest blessings and best things that ever came into my life, and it will stay in my life.”

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