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Boomer Esiason: Aaron Rodgers is Great for Content, But Not Coming Back

Evan Roberts is fired up. Mike Greenberg is so excited he is dropping F-bombs on The Pat McAfee Show. Boomer Esiason is a realist though. He told Greg Hill that anyone that believes that Aaron Rodgers will return to the New York Jets this season is fooling themselves.

“He’ll come back next year, but not this year,” the CBS analyst said Monday morning during a guest appearance on WEEI. “There’s just no physical way for him to be able to do this.”

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Rodgers is basing his belief that he could be back before the end of the regular season on other players that have had the same surgery he did. Esiason says the key difference is those players weren’t 39-years-old like Rodgers is. No “darkness retreat or ayahuasca or anything” can change that.

“What about the dolphin sex noises? That’s the new one, Boomer,” Hill asked referencing a comment the quarterback made on The Pat McAfee Show last week.

“I know, believe me, we will be playing that this morning here in New York,” Esiason said about his WFAN morning show. “He gives us content all the time just like he does Pat McAfee.”

Content is just content though. Esiason says it isn’t anything for Jets fans, famous or not, to base their expectations on.

“It’s great, but there’s no way he’s coming. There’s no physical way that he would be able to come back.”

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