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Eric Von Haessler: Sometimes My Show Needs to Sound Like the Band on the Titanic

One of the most popular talking points in conservative talk radio circles is the need to “save America.” While 95.5 WSB host Eric Von Haessler doesn’t typically parrot many conservative talking points, he does believe in being a ray of hope.

While discussing some recent events on The Von Haessler Doctrine, including that “May the Fourth” and Cinco De Mayo would happen during the weekend, meaning he wouldn’t be discussing the topics because they weren’t happening on Friday or Monday.

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He then shared a series of topics that had angered him, making him state “It’s just so hard to be in a good mood,” before sharing that he often has to pretend to be cheery.

“I have made the decision — which is very difficult — that we’re just going to pretend that things are not existential. We’re going to pretend that if we take three hours and not give a damn, it doesn’t mean that we have explained it to you or to our grandkids,” said Von Haessler. “We’re just gonna pretend that it’s a nice day, in a land that used to be called the United States of America, which was never ideal, by the way.”

Eric Von Haessler continued by noting that he feels like he’s the last ray of hope sometimes for people, which motivates him to keep bringing a fun attitude toward his daily radio show.

“Sometimes this show needs to be the dance band on the Titanic. Those people needed it, alright? They knew they were in trouble. Some of them were gonna live most of them were not. The richer you were, the better chance you had a living,” admitted Von Haessler. “That hasn’t changed. But they — the rest of the poor doomed souls on that ship — needed that band to keep on playing. And that’s what we’ll do.”

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