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1210 WPHT Adds New Nighttime Program Hosted by Walter Sterling

1210 WPHT in Philadelphia has announced it is adding a new live nighttime program hosted by longtime radio executive Walter Sterling.

Walter Sterling at Night will be heard weeknights from 9 PM-Midnight, beginning on Monday, May 13th. The show will replace the nationally syndicated program hosted by Dana Loesch in the station’s lineup.

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“Late-night radio is golden media time for a live program. It’s a one-on-one stage for lighter conversations, serving as morning drive for late-shift doctors, nurses, bus drivers, hotel managers, security staff, and more,” said Sterling. “Thank you, David Yadgaroff, Greg Stocker, Jeff Sottolano, and the incredible programming and engineering teams at Audacy. Over the years, I’ve made strong connections with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT listeners and look forward to building them as I join weeknights!”

Sterling has hosted his Sterling on Sunday with Walter Sterling as a nationally syndicated offering for a decade. Previously, he worked at SiriusXM and also served as the Vice President of ABC Radio Networks and was the Executive Vice President of NBC-owned FM stations.

“Walter has demonstrated the importance of the late-night talk radio with his Sunday night nationally syndicated program and has welcomed his listeners, who he refers to as ‘friends on the radio,’ to unpack their day-to-day lives,” said Audacy Philadelphia Senior Vice President and Market Manager David Yadgaroff. “He’s made strides at Talk Radio 1210 WPHT for a decade, and we’re ecstatic to finally bring his entertaining brand to the Delaware Valley five nights a week.”


  1. Concerning Sterling’s show last night. The first part about Rush Lumbo was amusing. But then, he brings on this young Democrat who wrote a smutty book. And he asks her, ‘How does the Trump verdict make you feel? Not whether it is right or wrong, but how does it make you feel?’ Which of course, being a Democrat she doesn’t answer the question. She instead goes on to say she worked in the legal profession, to what capacity does not say except that she was not a lawyer, and says she knows the verdict was right and how the system should work………That’s when I tuned off. Well, let me tell you, we do work in the legal profession and that verdict WILL be overturned. Why don’t you have people on WHO REALLY WORK IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION. You put on a bimbo, and think you audience is so stupid this is what they want to hear. Typical LIBERAL B.S.

  2. The Walter Every Night show is unlistenable, it’s so scattered and all over the place and makes no sense. It doesn’t belong on this station, possibly a public access or YouTube podcast.

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