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Buck Sexton: Joe Rogan the Perfect Moderator for Trump vs Biden Debates

As news came down yesterday that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump had agreed to a pair of debates, questions abounded about who would moderate for CNN and ABC News. Radio host Buck Sexton believes Joe Rogan is the perfect man for the job.

Both networks that announced televised debates with the candidates claimed that they would announce moderators “at a later date”. CNN doesn’t have as much time as ABC News, as the cable network will host its forum with the candidates on Thursday, June 27th. ABC News will host its event on Tuesday, September 10th.

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However, in a social media post Wednesday, The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show co-host shared his reasoning for why he believes Joe Rogan is the top candidate for the job.

“If the point of presidential debate is to reach maximum audience so the American people can make an informed decision, you would pick a moderator who doesn’t care about his next corporate media contact, and has built a career being earnest and fair,” Sexton wrote. “Joe Rogan is the answer.”

In the comments of his post, Sexton also agreed that New York Post columnist Douglas Murray would also be a top choice for the job.

Despite Sexton’s wishes, it is highly unlikely Rogan will serve as a debate moderator for CNN or ABC News during the 2024 presidential debates.

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