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Jomboy Media to Run ‘Warehouse Games’ on Bally Sports

Jomboy Media has struck a deal with Bally Sports to air its popular ‘Warehouse Games’ across 17 regional sports networks and the Bally Sports app. Michael Schneider of Variety was the first to report the news.

Jomboy Media fans are familiar with the games such as floorball, slapball, ball in play and blitzball. If you are not familiar, you will have your chance on Sunday, June 30 when the games launch.

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“Announcement, announcement,” said Jomboy Media founder Jimmy ‘Jomboy’ O’Brien on a video posted to the Jomboy X account. “Two and a half years ago we bought a warehouse in Jersey City, and we turned it into a sports venue full of dust and glory. We said let’s do blitzball and cricket and floorball and we’ll make teams and leagues and have jerseys and we’ll get way too invested and our feelings will get hurt because we’re not good. And you guys watched it.”

“And then so many people watched it they said let’s put this on TV,” added Jake Storiale. “At least the people at Bally’s did. So, starting June 30th, this Sunday?”

O’Brien then said, “You can watch the Warehouse Games on 17 different regional sports networks, the Ballys near you will be airing us. Also, you can watch it on their app. So, behind the curtain, huge achievement. A lot of hard work and pride from the entire company here and we thank the audience for continuing to allow us to do what we do and grow into wherever we continue to grow into, and we thank Ballys for seeing the beauty that is the ‘Warehouse Games.’


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