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KFI AM-640 to Debut Weekend Show Featuring College Student Panelists

KFI AM-640 in Los Angeles is set to debut a new Sunday show led by reporter Steve Gregory and features journalism students from around Southern California.

Studio 640 features students from community colleges as well as public and private four-year institutions and offers insight into how younger generations view news topics and also talk radio as a whole.

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“Right now, we have the two largest demographic groups living simultaneously on the planet – GenX / Boomers and Millennials,” KFI AM-640 Program Director Robin Bertolucci said. “This show is an effort to bridge the divide and bring the generations together with understanding and clarity.”

The program airs Sunday at 2:00 PM and lasts for two hours. It bills itself as similar in style to Meet the Press and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Studio 640 not only builds a conduit between our news operation and area journalism schools, but also offers students a professional experience they can learn from and use to start their own careers,” added Gregory. “The bonus is hearing about everyday events through the POV of a journalism student.”

There are requirements for students hoping to appear on a panel for the show. According to KFI, a student panelist must be enrolled in an accredited college/university with a primary focus on journalism, broadcast, and/or communications. The student must also be a contributor to a college/university newspaper, radio station, television station, digital news outlet, or podcast. Independent journalists enrolled in school may also be considered.

Studio 640 will make its debut on Sunday, July 14th.


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