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Sinclair Sets June 23 Soft Launch For Bally Sports Plus

Five markets will be the first to get a look at Bally Sports Plus. Sinclair has revealed a softlaunch date of June 23rd for its new streaming service.

Initially, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee and Tampa will be able to stream their local Major League Baseball teams.

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“This is all about just testing, learning, iterating, and getting our full marketing plans in place,” Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley told Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand. “There isn’t necessarily a milestone that I can point you towards that says, this is what marks when we take the next step.”

The price point for the service is $20 per month with a $190 bundle available for users that want to pay for a full year upfront. That is significantly lower than what it will cost New Englanders to subscribe to NESN 360.

Both services are important, not just to their respective companies, but to the cable industry in general. Regional sports networks are struggling to hold on to clearance on cable, satellite, and streaming services around the country. If there is an appetite for a direct-to-consumer model, you can bet everyone want to discover its ideal price point ASAP!

“The math for the whole sports industry gets really interesting when you have a scaled audience on a digital platform where you can deliver interactive experiences,” Ripley added. “That’s because this younger generation is really interested in interactive experiences. They’re far more interested in sports betting than their parents.”

Bally Sports Plus will be rolled out in full this fall.

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