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Angelo Cataldi Joins Phillies Radio Booth On Sunday

After announcing the Philadelphia Phillies will honor the career of Angelo Cataldi on Sunday, July 24th by inviting the 71-year-old WIP morning man to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen of the Phillies Radio Network extended an even bigger offer on Thursday morning by asking the morning show host to join them for an inning on the radio broadcast as well.

“Let’s put our cards on the table,” Cataldi said bluntly. “When you invited me to come do an inning with you and Larry (Andersen, Phillies Radio Network color commentator), inning three of the 12:05 start Sunday Phillies versus Cubs, you really want me to fail. Is that not accurate? You want me to show how difficult your job is compared to this (hosting a sports talk radio show). Is that not true?”

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“Not at all,” Franzke chuckled. “I’m trying to suggest that you –as a professional broadcaster for all these many years — could one-hundred percent handle the assignment.”

The broadcast team has already poked some fun at Angelo Cataldi and the day he has in store on Sunday. Larry Bowa appeared on his show last month to tell Cataldi that the crowd will boo him if his pitch isn’t good. 

Cataldi announced last October he’d be retiring from his morning show position with WIP in 2022 and joked he’s looking for his next opportunity.

“Just working with you here for a few minutes, I’m feeling chemistry with you,” Cataldi told Franzke. “So if I come in on this third inning on Sunday, and I just ‘wow, it’s there’, am I suddenly in play for next season? ‘Cause I’m gonna be free. I’m gonna have no job at that point.”

“That is above my pay grade,” Franzke laughingly replied.

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