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Drive Time Metrics Secures In-Car Radio Patent For Data Analyzation

Rhode Island-based Drive Time Metrics has secured a sixth patent, the latest to monitor in-vehicle media content to provide data on listening and viewing habits from consumers.

“More audio is consumed in vehicles than any other listening location and, now that cars are getting connected, audio/video and other media data collected from vehicles can provide comprehensive analytics at mass scale,” Drive Time Metrics CEO Rod McKenzie said.

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“Media data collected from vehicles can have many uses including measuring audience, targeting ads, and measuring ad effectiveness. The potential scale of this data is of critical importance to the audio industry, especially for broadcasting which still represents the majority of in-car listening.”

Drive Time Metrics currently has the ability to measure and report data on both AM/FM radio, as well as the largest digital platforms like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora.

“In audio, we are moving to a world of large-scale census data, rather than small-scale samples, similar to what is already happening to TV/video measurement,” said McKenzie.

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