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Dan Bernstein On Skip Bayless: ‘I Saved His Dumb Ass’

Skip Bayless is no stranger to being roasted on the internet. Usually, it is about a wildly, hot take. On Monday, it was for a strange video he made following the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

In the video, Bayless can be seen stomping into his kitchen holding a Dak Prescott jersey. He holds it up to the camera before throwing it in the garbage in a huff.

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“He’s just a very, very odd dude,” 670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein said on Monday in response to the video. “Now he’s the world’s biggest Cowboy fan? Now he’s waving pom poms for the Cowboys?”

Bernstein didn’t elaborate much on what it is that makes Skip Bayless so odd, but he did mention that he had first hand knowledge and insight.

“I mean, he’s a very very very strange man. I’ve hosted shows with him. He’s just odd,” Bernstein said.

His partner Laurence Holmes was surprised to learn this. Holmes asked if it was possible he may have produced one of those shows.

Bernstein said it was. He recalled a particular show they hosted together where he had to pull Bayless back from saying something he would have regretted.

“I prevented him from getting in terrible trouble for what he almost said about Daunte Culpepper and I had to step in real quick.”

While Bernstein didn’t specify what it was Skip Bayless was about to say, he did note that Bayless was hung up on how Culpepper was “different” from other quarterbacks.

“I saved his dumb ass, because he wasn’t going to say that.”

Holmes said what adds to the strangeness of Bayless’s persona is the way he seems to still be playing into his former partner’s bit. He noted that Skip Bayless has started creating content about being the world’s biggest Cowboy fan around the same time that Stephen A. Smith has made a bit out of being a notorious Cowboys hater.

“It’s a really weird dance that they’re still doing even though they’re not partners anymore,” Holmes said.

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