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WIBC & Network Indiana Take Home Multiple Best in Indiana Journalism Awards

The WIBC/Network Indiana news team has been recognized for outstanding journalism at the annual Best in Indiana Journalism Awards presented by the Indiana Society of Professional Journalists. 

The WIBC News team’s exceptional work has earned them awards in various categories, including Best Radio Continuing Coverage, Best Radio In-Depth Reporting, Best Radio Documentary or Special, and Best Radio Newscast.

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“Journalists are a tough and skeptical group, and being recognized as the best by fellow journalists is high praise indeed,” said WIBC Operations Manager David Wood in a memo to employees.

The award for Best Radio Continuing Coverage was given to the WIBC staff for their outstanding work on “Roe v. Wade and Indiana.” The team provided thorough and insightful coverage of this highly debated issue, keeping listeners informed and current on the latest developments.

Donnie Burgess was awarded Best Radio In-Depth Reporting for his coverage of “Child Sex Crimes in Indiana.” His investigation shed light on a critical issue, and his report was praised for its in-depth analysis and thoughtful reporting.

Chris Davis was recognized for Best Radio Documentary or Special for “EF4: The Power of the Henryville Tornado.” The program showcased Davis’s exceptional storytelling abilities, highlighting the devastating impact of the tornado and its aftermath.

The award for Best Radio Newscast was presented to Chris Davis, Donnie Burgess, and Matt Bair for their work on July 6, 2022, at 5 pm. Their exceptional reporting on this day was comprehensive and informative, keeping listeners up to date on all the latest news and events.

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