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Tomi Lahren: Mainstream Media Has Already Moved On From Nashville School Shooting

Late last month, a 28-year-old shot and killed three adults and three children at a private Christian school in Nashville. The details of a reported “manifesto” have yet to materialize, and OutKick’s Tomi Lahren believes she knows why.

During an appearance on 93.1 WIBC’s Hammer & Nigel, Lahren was asked about any information that has been released about the shooter’s motives. She argued that information likely isn’t going to be made publicly available, and if it will, it won’t be covered extensively because the media has moved on from the story due to the gender identity of the shooter.

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“Oh, you mean that’s still a thing? Because if you watch the mainstream media, they don’t seem like they care too much about this at all. They’ve buried it, and they’ve moved on,” said Lahren. “Now everything, again, is going after Trump and protecting trans people and elevating biological men into female categories. No, there hasn’t been any new news on the release of the manifesto.”

Lahren, who relocated to Nashville in 2020, had previously questioned if the media would cover the event at all due to the shooter’s reported transgender status. At the time, she claimed that because the shooter didn’t fit the usual profile of a mass shooter, the event wouldn’t receive the same coverage.

However, days after the shooting, the situation was continually the lead story on most cable news networks and remained on the front page of several major newspapers.

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