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Dan Bongino Reconsidering Future With Cumulus After Vaccine Mandate Dropped

The COVID crisis has ended, and broadcasting corporations are eliminating vaccine mandates, including Cumulus Media, the owner of Westwood One, the syndication company responsible for distributing The Dan Bongino Show.

In a statement on Wednesday, Dan Bongino shared his worries about the mandates and mentioned that he had been trying to convince Cumulus to withdraw the restrictions. He viewed Cumulus’ decision to terminate the company mandates as a positive move, which may lead him to stay with the company.

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Bongino had previously stated that he would be leaving Cumulus when his contract expired due to the company’s vaccine mandates and its consequent termination of employees who declined to receive the vaccine.

Bongino also reiterated his initial viewpoint that COVID vaccines were hastily imposed on the public and lacked efficacy in combating the spread of the virus.

“Contrary to what you may have heard from some big mouth talking heads in the media who’ve never done jack squat for a person in their lives other than themselves, this fight went on for a long time, as a lot of people in this room know,” he said. “When I talk about weeks and hours of my life dedicated to making sure this thing goes away, that is not an exaggeration.”

Bongino was reluctant to celebrate triumphs since no one emerged as a winner during the COVID pandemic. He highlighted that the mandates were supported by flawed science, emphasizing their greater alignment with politics rather than genuine scientific principles.

“It was a dumb decision, and that’s just the facts,” said Bongino. “I say dumb in that it was based on science we weren’t sure of that could’ve put people in a lot of jeopardy. This was not an extensively studied vaccine, and it was a huge mistake. This policy was instituted in a lot of places across the country. This (policy) alienated people and divided a lot of people.”

Bongino said that he received no support from anyone concerning his position on the COVID vaccine mandate.

“I was out there on my own,” he said. “I ain’t nobody’s superhero; some people have different fights that they have to fight; I don’t live in a black-and-white world; nobody does. When you reach positions of influence and power, you’re forced to make decisions that other people aren’t.”

Bongino disclosed that, despite his efforts to convince Cumulus to overturn its mandates, he experienced betrayal from two unnamed individuals within the business. He clarified that he was legally obligated by a three-year contract during that period and confronted the potential threat of a lawsuit from Cumulus Media because of his opposition to the company’s mandates.

“I bring this up because I just found out that the company has revoked the vaccine mandate,” said Bongino. “I would love to tell you that it’s some glorious, wonderful day, but it’s not. A lot of people got hurt by that (mandates). I told you I wouldn’t stay here while they had this mandate. This is a big show, an important show, that has given me immense joy. I grew up on Mark Levin, Hannity, and the greatest broadcaster ever, Rush Limbaugh. So, when we lost Rush way too soon, I was asked to take this spot; I was hesitant.”

Bongino stated that his top priority following the passing of Rush Limbaugh was to guide the country during the upcoming period. He further shared that his passion for his career has increased as he has progressed in it.

“I didn’t really expect this, and it puts me in a really weird spot… somewhere along the way, this little marriage between you [the listener] and me… started out rough and rocky, and it’s just become nothing but bliss for me, and I just really hate to leave it. There’s a lot to think about and no simple answers. This is a long fight; a lot of people got hurt, and I’m telling you, I don’t believe in victory laps. These mandates destroyed people’s lives. I am going to need some things as we go forward. I want you to know that my time with you has been absolute magic. They say talk radio is a dying medium. That’s total crap. That’s total garbage.

“Talk radio is going through a change, but it isn’t going anywhere,” he added. “The question is, am I going? The question I had conclusively answered.” 

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