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Glenn Beck: Fox News ‘Used to Actually Care About the Center of the Country’

Fox News continues to catch criticism in conservative media circles for the decision to fire popular host Tucker Carlson late last month. Yesterday, Glenn Beck joined the foray, questioning the future of the network.

Newsmax’s Eric Bolling — a former Fox News employee himself — said a report from Drudge Report about the network’s new primetime lineup was like shuffling the lineup “around like deck chairs on the Titanic”, before saying “Americans won’t buy it”.

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During his guest appearance on Bolling’s show, Beck agreed.

“Fox News, when I left, was very healthy,” Beck said. “Fox News, when Megyn (Kelly) left, was healthy. When (Bill) O’Reilly left, it was still healthy, but it needed a star.

“They found Tucker. He clicked with the audience. He worked with the audience. Now, I think that’s their last straw because they watched Fox over the years and have seen you are not the Fox of Roger Ailes that used to actually care about the center of the country.”

Beck hosted at the network from 2009 until April 2011. He then launched TheBlaze TV.

The claim from Drudge Report alleges that Sean Hannity would step into the timeslot vacated after Carlson’s exit. The proposed lineup would also see Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld move into primetime. The move would see Laura Ingraham without a primetime program on the network for the first time since 2017.

However, a Fox News spokesperson has denied that a decision has been made on the primetime lineup and pushed back against reports that Ingraham would be subsequently fired.

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