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3 ABC Audio Executives Laid Off During Disney Downsizing

A trio of ABC Audio executives have departed as part of The Walt Disney Company’s ongoing layoffs.

Heidi Oringer, the Executive Director of ABC Audio exited on Friday. She had been with the organization for 23 years.

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Joining Oringer were Ryan Kessler and Matt Wolfe. Kessler had been at ABC Audio since 1999 and was the Manager of Content Integration. He led ABC News Radio’s Edward R. Murrow Award-winning special events team. Wolfe was an entertainment contributor and senior producer with the division, according to a report from Inside Radio.

The news of the executives’ departures coincided with layoffs from ESPN Radio, also owned and operated by Disney. Three full-time hosts exited Friday as the company looks to eliminate 7,000 jobs in an effort to save $5.5 billion.

Additionally, an announcement from Skyview Networks recently shared that it would cease distributing ABC Audio — including ABC News Radio — when the calendar year ends. The two had a business relationship dating back 10 years.

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