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Charlie Kirk: Nothing About My Recent Speech Was Controversial

Salem Radio Network host Charlie Kirk has defended a recent speech he gave on the campus of Arizona State University after his appearance was met with criticism.

During The Charlie Kirk Show podcast, the Turning Point USA founder argued that professors met his appearance on the campus with opposition before they even knew what he would be speaking about.

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“The event was called Health, Wealth and Happiness. Dennis Prager, myself, and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (author) Robert Kiyosaki — who we should have on the program, he is excellent — were the speakers,” said Kirk. “So in the weeks leading up to it, there was a fair amount of controversy. Because you can’t obviously allow health, wealth, and happiness to be talked about on college campuses.”

Kirk then argued that its preposterous to believe a seminar on such a topic could be viewed as controversial.

“So Health, Wealth, and Happiness might sound as if it’s not controversial. Health, Wealth, and Happiness might sound as if it’s very agreeable. But the title of the seminar is at direct odds with what the Marxist totalitarian godless degenerates are trying to teach young people at Arizona State University,” Kirk continued.

“There’s something like 39 professors at the Arizona State University Honors College. They signed this open letter where they just say they disagreed with us. Calling us white nationalists. They call us white supremacists. They call us purveyors of hate — Dennis Prager, Robert Kiyosaki, and myself — and they said we should not be allowed on the campus of Arizona State University.

“Now the event went on even though professors told students not to attend. They tried to kill our speech. I gave a very controversial speech on one topic: the Sabbath. Literally, my speech was on how the Sabbath has impacted my life.”

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