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Greg Gutfeld: Critics Are ‘Deliberately Trying to Destroy My Career’

After strong pushback against comments he made about the Holocaust in reference to new Florida curriculum guidelines surrounding slavery, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld believes he survives constant attacks against his character.

During an appearance on The Rubin Report podcast, Gutfeld was asked if it was “bizarre that you’re on a cable news network where everyone is watching you waiting to destroy you at any given moment?”

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After mentioning that he believes he has more time for criticism because of his appearances on both The Five and Gutfeld! the self-avowed “King of Late Night” claimed he’s constantly under attack.

“I would assume that at least once a week there is somebody deliberately trying to destroy my career, but I can’t let that stop me,” Gutfeld said after noting that those watching his career are similar to students who don’t aren’t taking a college course but are hoping the professor gives them blackmail leverage. “I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, but I have to say that you (Rubin) helped destroy cancel culture by monetizing the act of being canceled. If you get canceled and there’s another way out, you will always rise above.”

He argued that he is “more dangerous” on Gutfeld! than he is on The Five. However, The Five is generally the most-watched cable news program in any timeslot, which means his statements on the show are widely viewed.

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