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Keith Olbermann: Mark Levin is Worst of Right-Wing Media’s Worst

Mark Levin has never been shy in his admiration and support of former President Donald Trump. It has become more evident in recent days as Trump faces another indictment. Keith Olbermann took the opportunity to share his criticism of Levin.

During his Countdown podcast Friday, Olbermann reveled in a recent flub by the Great One as reason enough to share his feelings about the longtime conservative media host.

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“Falsetto voice Fox ‘News’ screeching whiner Mark Levin — one of the worst of the horrors who will say or claim anything to defend Trump. An unbelievably damaging figure even in the right-wing media’s bottomless pit of pus,” said Olbermann. “Levin’s ire now is directed at Bill Barr. He is trying to claim the former Attorney General ‘cooperated’ with Jack Smith’s office, whatever that means.

“Levin then wrote Barr is ‘All over TV like erectile dysfunction commercials’. Then on a day when Trump finally spelled stolen correctly, Levin misspelled dysfunction and disease erectile dysfunction that has a ‘Y’. He spelled it with an ‘I’, which tells you everything you need to know about Mark Levin.”

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