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Rich Zeoli: How Can ABC News Call George Stephanopoulos Unbiased?

ABC News host George Stephanopoulos worked on presidential campaigns for Michael Dukakis and Bill Clinton before pursuing a TV career, and that’s something 1210 WPHT host Rich Zeoli can’t look past.

During The Rich Zeoli Show Monday, the Philadelphia host argued that it’s clear Stephanopoulos operates with a political bias and wonders why ABC News insists that he doesn’t.

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George Stephanopoulos is the unbiased journalist because there’s absolutely no bias to George Stephanopoulos whatsoever. He was never ever a Democrat operative who ran Bill Clinton’s campaign,” said Zeoli. “He was never ever the White House Communications Director under Bill Clinton. That’s a totally different George Stephanopoulos.”

Zeoli then took issue with questioning and interrupting from Stephanopoulos toward Donald Trump’ attorney John Lauro during an appearance on This Week Sunday..

“An unbiased journalist George Stephanopoulos not pushing back not arguing with Trump’s attorney, but allowing Trump’s attorney to have his chance to make the case on national television.

“And thank God he’s there, the unbiased journalist, because had the original George Stephanopoulos been there in that chair, he would have been arguing with Trump’s attorney and correcting him and jumping in and telling him why the attorney is wrong,” the sarcastic Zeoli said.

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