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Glenn Beck: Russell Brand is the UK’s Howard Stern

Comedian Russell Brand has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct by four women, which led to his popular YouTube channel being demonetized. Glenn Beck shared his belief that Russell Brand is akin to Howard Stern.

While discussing the situation on The Glenn Beck Program, the nationally syndicated radio host argued that the similarities between Brand and Stern are striking.

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“Russell Brand is kind of like they’re Howard Stern,” Beck said. “You knew exactly what you were getting in those days with Russell Brand, ok? Just think Howard Stern.”

Beck then read a portion of a report from the BBC claiming that Brand was the face of the “seedier side of pop media culture” in the 2000s.

“Could I just ask the BBC to turn on the radio and listen to the lyrics of songs they’re now playing? Because I guarantee there’s something playing on the BBC about somebody’s butt doing something,” said Beck.

Glenn Beck then used a specific example that equated Brand with Stern.

“In a Brand interview with Jimmy Savile, he apparently offered up his very attractive assistant to go meet him naked. Sounds like Howard Stern, right? This is in 2007. He said this to the BBC host. Another BBC host said ’You go ahead and take my assistant here she Oh, she’ll get naked’. Ha. Funny,” joked Beck before noting that at the time, no one knew Savile was a serial child predator.

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